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We are global leaders in precision liquid automated nutrition systems that allow producers to control, monitor and improve animal nutrition. Our unique award-winning technology means animals can receive the precise daily dose of any liquid supplement, leading to healthier stock and better returns, with less labour for both producer and supplement supplier. Additionally, our technology generates insights for both producer and supplier in a clear and easily understood dashboard, which leads to accurate and timely nutritional decisions.


The OPIS Controller provides flexibility to administer a range of supplements - oils, acids, nutritional supplements and liquid minerals to the water system on farm. Our technology delivers precision supplementation of on-farm animals and compensates automatically for variations in water intake due to temperature, humidity or diet.

OPIS Controller

OPIS Controller accurately administers supplements on farm through drinking water. The software and app are intuitive and it is easy to adjust rates and livestock numbers. Our controller can be remotely monitored and controlled by the farmer and delivers a dashboard of reports for farmer and supplement provider including current usage rates and stock levels on farm.

Terra Controller, App & Software

Accurately dispenses liquid supplements on farm via the water system

Smart Monitor plan

  • Fully automated
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  • Remote access for monitoring and control by farmer
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  • Reduces labour
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  • Improves accuracy of dosing
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  • Up to 6 blends of supplement per farm
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  • Mineral profile can be uploaded with max/min rates
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  • Access to data & insights
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  • Easily installed, managed and maintained
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  • Completely flexible-timed, smart or proportional dosing can be set
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  • Reports for farmer and supplement supplier
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  • Delivers healthier animals
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Benefits of TERRA NutriTECH

Our Smart Monitors helps farms become more profitable through better animal health using our innovative technology

TERRA NutriTECH Explained

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