OPIS controller

Accurately injects minerals based on herd, dosage and water consumption

The TERRA NutriTECH OPIS Controller is specially designed to automatically overcome variations in water consumption, ensuring that the animal recieves the correct dose of magnesium and minerals, whatever the weather.
The OPIS Controller eliminates wastage and ensures accurate mineral delivery at all times reducing costs and safeguarding animal health.
An easy to use touch screen or app to input animal numbers and dosage rates
Automated injection of supplements into the water line
  • The OPIS Controller checks your herd water intake and compensates dosing to ensure automatic daily delivery of accurate level of minerals and magnesium into the water
  • TERRA NutriTECH's new manufacturing facility produces customised liquid minerals
  • The OPIS Controller's technology will track and refill your minerals as needed, you do not have to do a thing. When your minerals are running low, the OPIS Controller will alert TERRA NutriTECH to replenish so as you never run out
Remote monitoring of worldwide systems with an alarm functionality
Fully maintained and serviced by TERRA NutriTECH
  • TERRA NutriTECH provides regular software updates along with 24/7 advice, back up and remote monitoring of your herds mineral status
Easy to Install and can connect to any water piping system
  • TERRA NutriTECH's technicians can install the OPIS Controller to any water piping system on your farm